30 July 2007

you put too much food on my plate

I don't have anything particularly interesting to say today, but thought I would share my smug satisfaction with myself, with all of you (how kind of me you say. I know.). A really sweet lady from across the street brought me a T-O-N of fresh tomatoes the other day from her garden. Now, I can hear Tami now, trying to figure out why I would accept such a gift, seeing as how I won't eat raw tomatoes. But I'm also super-frugal, and use everything I can to feed my family. So, I did what any girl in my situation would do...ask Mom! I got great advice from her about what to do to use them all, and spent yesterday evening washing, blanching, peeling, chopping and dividing them into approx. 1 can portions to replace store-bought cans of tomatoes. Some I'll put in the blender later for crushed/puree. I'm so proud of myself! For those not so new to the domestic pursuits, you may laugh at me and wonder why I'm not right now knee deep in my own tomato garden or mending socks instead of blogging, but thats ok. We have lots of frozen tomatoes!!! I'll make chili, spaghetti, and a cool new recipe Aubrey sent me for what sounds like a scrumptious Chicken/spinach/pasta recipe. So give me a virtual pat on the back please.

23 July 2007

imagine me and you, and you and me

We just got back from our first Slaughter family camping weekend, and it was a wonderful success! Everyone had fun, and with 7 people that alone is amazing. We went to Greenbrier State Park in Boonsboro, MD and pitched our tent. I wasn't so sure how this would go with a baby in a port-a-crib and 2 still in diapers. And any new adventure with 5 short people is pretty tough to plan for, but it was so great. We cooked over the fire, hiked, swam in Greenbrier Lake (pictures of that later), made s'mores, and the Slaughter family-famous "dough balls" (YUM!), and wonder-of-wonders, everyone slept! The first night wasn't so fun, since Dave and I were freezing. That was totally my fault as I didn't figure in that temps would be lower at night up there, so our very thin, old blanket didn't do much. We bought a warmer blanket for the 2nd night and slept much better. The kids loved it and can't wait to go back. I think we'll be camping much more often now that we've all had a taste of it and came home happy.

Here's our great family tent.
The happy camping Dad with his babies.
Going to bed was never so much fun!
Our youngest camper -- what a trooper.

16 July 2007

the first time ever I saw your face

My little Sunshine turns 3 today. Carrie is very excited, because she got to pick out a cereal (Dora, of course) to eat for her birthday breakfast, and that was all she could talk about before going to bed last night. Oh, the simple things in life. We'll have a party when Molly gets home, so today will just be spent trying to make her feel like more of princess than she already knows she is.

Carrie Ellen is our girlie-girl, dress-up queen, dancer/singer/entertainer. Everything in her life happens on Tuesday, by the way. She will turn 3 on Tuesday, go potty on Tuesday (never seems to come about though), and Dok will come visit her on Tuesday. We're not quite sure why that day holds such an affinity for her but we just roll with it now. She pretty much has Daddy wrapped around her little finger (ok, me too) and has already figured out the tone and eye-batting that will get her a "yes, sweetie" every time. I think we're getting soft.

So, happy birthday to YOU Carrie! We're so glad you tricked us (another story), and continue to brighten our days with everything you do.

09 July 2007

this is a song for you, far away from me

Today is my oldest baby's birthday, and she is 9. Where has the time gone?? This girl is our family tomboy of sorts, preferring bike-riding and dirt-digging to dress-up and dolls. She is competitive, loves to organize games for her brothers, and is generous with hugs and kisses. One trait she comes by honestly is the Warren-family tendency to make up silly songs with silly words, trying to sing to get a point across instead of talk (ok, really this is my Dad's trait, but well-impressed upon the rest of us), so we always enjoy her new melodies. Right now we're missing her terribly, as she is in the mountains of northern New Mexico with my parents, siblings, grandparents and other assorted relatives. She has made fast friends with my cousin's daughter Bailey, and they are all hiking, fishing, eating, mini-golfing, eating, relaxing, exploring and eating. Can't wait until she's home so I can give her the birthday hug a few days late. I love you Molly-Cat, and am so glad that 9 years ago it was you who showed up! Happy Birthday!