15 January 2007

but you're not bringing back what's dead

Yet another heartbreaking day...our beloved Seahawks lost in overtime to the Bears. Our only consolation is that all the "talking heads" had predicted a Chicago blow-out, that Seattle couldn't compete ('will they even score a touchdown?'), and all that pompous, arrogant rhetoric was proved pretty silly. Still, losing that way hurts, and yet after a less-than-ideal season, making to 2 post-season games is probably the best ending. Its hard for the Slaughter household to move on after football season ends, especially when things don't go our way...we'll take this week to grieve and then try to move on.

04 January 2007

wake up the echoes

Like all hopelessly loyal fans, despite my sadness and frustration after last night's game, I still love the Irish and am counting the days until the new season starts in fall.

02 January 2007

we may grow different in coming years

Here are my gorgeous kids Christmas Eve morning before church. Happy New Year to everyone!