09 March 2006

I'll catch my breath & count to 10 & open my eyes

This post is LONG overdue (haha, no pun intended), and I'm sure most who are kind enough to visit my blog of ramblings and nonsense are already "in the know"....but for those behind, the SlaughterHouse is adding a member come October. If you know me at all, you know this wasn't "in the plan" (ours anyway), and so has taken me by complete surprise. I'm at 10 weeks, and still adjusting to the news, letting it sink in, trying to swim through the surreal aura to a sense of reality. Blessedly, we serve a sovereign God who most certainly knew and ordained this child that we hadn't conjured, and so we give thanks for the life even while our minds are spinning with change. This has brought up practical problems to solve (money for another birth, moving sooner than we thought, I gave away all baby/maternity stuff, etc.) as well as emotional ones (can I stay sane, keep the children from hating my guts, homeschool without sounding like a raving lunatic, etc.). I know those of you who already have 5+ children are probably laughing at me, and that's ok. Fear of the unknown is relative, and I'm sure in a year and then two, I'll laugh reading this post, too (that's if I still have the mental faculties to type by then). Right now I'm giving thanks that my morning sickness has been light, and I've been able to stay functional. And we're so grateful for Dave's work, that it's steady and that the future looks bright. Once again, I am so aware of what a blessing it is to be able to confidently say, "God is good, all the time".