29 April 2008

and I think to myself, "what a wonderful world!"

I have to brag up my incredibly talented father-in-law, who blessed us with this beautiful painting as an early anniversary present! Vic has always been a wonderful artist, but has had much more time for his painting and sketching since he retired. Every now and then he sends snapshots of his most recent creations, and I have been faithfully whining to him that I didn't have any of his work on my wall...and that whining finally paid off ;-) Dave is frequently homesick for his native Pacific Northwest, and so I told Vic that I'd love a scene with Mt. Hood in the background, and I love this one with Lost Lake in view. Having this in my living room reminds me that of all the places I've lived and visited (that's a lot), the NW is my favorite. Despite some of the crazy people that live up there (no, not you Steph & Kevin!), Dave would love to move back someday, and I'd gladly follow.

16 April 2008

all this and more...these are the finest hours

Just had a most excellent weekend in TX. A lot of you read the other blogs in the family, so have probably already seen pictures, and most likely better ones (due to the low-tech nature of my camera), but I posted the few good ones. We had so much fun, you can't even know. I stayed in my PJs a lot, jumped on the trampoline a lot, ate a lot, slept just enough to keep from passing out, and loooooved being with my family. I have 8 amazing sisters and brothers, and the best parents ever, and what is truly remarkable is that for our squabbles and differences, we like to be together and I won't lie (how's that Nate?), we are quite impressive. Annie and I flew together and I took Liam with me, who was concerned about all the strangers who pretended to know him and insisted on holding him, but not quite as concerned about the steady supply of Cheez Its, vanilla wafers, ice cream and coke. I think even baby Judah had some contraband, though I'll neither confirm nor deny that I was in the vicinity when the contraband was administered. Now that I'm home, I'm already pining for everyone, and now counting (literally...see ticker at bottom of my blog) the days until our trip to TN. Warrens are really meant to be together.

With "little" brother Nathan. sigh. when did he grow up???

one of our "9 kids" pictures

Dad, trying to impress us. it worked ;-)

07 April 2008

when will you learn?

Now I can stop kicking myself for bad habits...that aren't so bad.

Busting the water myth