07 October 2008

oh sympathy! where have you gone?

I am in the kitchen, doing something domestic-ish, and trying to ignore the loud screams, thumps, and shrieks that I hear coming from somewhere upstairs. After a few minutes of me wondering if I should go check, since someone clearly wants to send the message that they are in pain, I see Warren meander into the kitchen and sit down to draw at the table.

Me: hey dude, what's all that racket?

W: mean the jumping?

Me: yes, plus the screaming and shrieking

W: oh, its just Henry being a baby

Me: so any clue why he's screaming??

W: Mom, its just that werewolves are chasing him, and he doesn't like it. he'll get over it.

Ok, cool. I'm down with that. I think we'll watch "Annie" instead of "Harry Potter" for the next Family Movie Night.

06 October 2008

you're dangerous, cause you don't know what you want

(by the way, blogger finally allowed pics when I uploaded only one at a time, and my average upload time was 8 minutes. not joking. be appreciative.)

I'm a couple days late, but didn't want to miss giving birthday props to the SlaughterHouse baby prince. Liam is 2, and no, don't even try to figure out how that happened. I tried, and this is what I came up with: William Halsey arrives at 2:24 am on 4 Oct 2006, happy and healthy, born on Mom and Dad's bed, then hogged by Granny. Then, some idiot came in and sped up time, robbing us of 2 genuine, for real, 365-day years, which were replaced by 12 minutes. Nice, huh? And I do not need to hear you make any comments about another baby. Really and truly, please don't say it. (hmmm....hmmmm..nanana...lalalala...I can't hear you!!!!) Seriously, the time between the first 2 pictures below is approx. 4.6 seconds. Give or take 2 seconds. Well, I can't go back and reclaim those days that someone vindictively stole, but I can wish my little man a happy birthday (celebration to come in TX next week) and hope that he will happily survive 2, which is already off to an "interesting" start. I love you, Peanut!! Thanks for making fools of us 2 years ago ;-)

about 2 hrs old

at Antietam Battlefield

my poor little man after a nasty spider bit his eye

his favorite food to eat or wear, feijoada (black beans and rice)

the boy plays hard, and then drops

after a hike in the Smoky Mtns of Tennessee

sporting his new hat and cotton candy at Dollywood (geez, he's as cute as his father)

02 October 2008

listen to what I'm putting down

You've given up checking, haven't you? Admit it, you thought I'd never post again. For some of you that may have caused some temporary aggravation, and then for others maybe some relief (please don't tell me if you fall in that second category, lie to me). Its probably better if I go ahead and admit that in the month following vacation I lapsed into behaving like a pathetically emotional brooder, trying to recover from homesickness-based inertia. That was so much fun. Ask Annie. BUT, in the month since, Blogger decided that (presumably because of my woe-is-me lack of posting) it didn't like me. Now, taking into account my 32 years of relationship building, someone rejecting me isn't exactly a completely foreign concept. (go ahead here and contradict that, claiming that I'm extremely likable) So for right now, and the past few weeks, I can post, expound, discourse, and in all other ways offer you my verbiage, but not with accompanying photos. Not only did I have vacation pics to show, but quite a few other SlaughterHouse summer shots, mostly of some short people who happen to be really cute and do silly things. I'm frustrated!!!! I want to show you my pictures!!!! I'll keep trying, won't give up, will persevere. But I can only go so many posts of seeing little black fonts without any eye-candy, and then I give up. I think that since its finally fall (and I am consequently happy again) that I will attempt to be a more faithful blogger, but I refuse to commit. I have commitment issues. Or else I'm lazy, can't remember which. And as for the elusive pictures, for those of you that are on Facebook, you may see some of them there (that is, if you are my friend on Facebook...and why wouldn't you be???).

Happy First Week of Long-Sleeves!!!! ( in VA at least)