24 October 2007

hello? (hello, hello?) is anybody in there? just nod if you can hear me.

I'm pretty sure you feel like there is no point in checking my blog, seeing as how there has been nothing new for a while. I was just telling Jackie that I am so impressed that she blogs every day or two, always w/ cute pics and/or something interesting to say. Being interesting is, of course, a prerequisite for that routine, so maybe I'll find something else to impress everyone.

The SlaughterHouse is lighter than ever before. No one has gone on a crash diet, but I went on a massive closet-purging spree, and so went a ridiculous amount of junk we didn't need. Living in tight quarters has finally forced me to attempt some greater organizational techniques, but even that was impossible until I was much more picky about what each of us can own, keep, and keep put away. Even cleaning was next-to-impossible with very little floor/wall space exposed. Things are looking better every day, and I'm feeling successful (Dave as the dutiful husband is telling me I have done a great job, but you know Dave, he'd say that anyway). But you probably shouldn't ask my kids how they feel about me eliminating 1/3 of their belongings....they haven't figured it out yet. I'm hoping it'll be Christmas before they notice, and then their new loot should be a permanent distraction from "lost" treasures.

Warren is doing well recovering from Lyme. We still have another week and a half on his meds, and then hopefully leave this chapter behind us. He seems to have been back to his normal self since 2 weeks into the antibiotics -- that was so good to see. He even played goalie in his soccer game last week, and did a wonderful job!

In 2 days, we head up to the Poconos, to spend a couple days with Rob, Steph and kids, and Dave's parents. We haven't seen his folks in a year, and the kids are soooo excited. They'll come down to our house afterwards, and spend a week here in VA. Depending on weather, we hope to go apple picking and a couple more fall-ish activities (of which I will try to get some pics so that I'll have a reason to update this blog again!).

After about 3 Indian summers so far, I'm hoping that today's cold front is not an impostor. These new sweaters that I bought with my birthday gift cards (waving to awesome sisters) are sitting in my closet mocking me, complete with their tags. And I'm pretty sure they are saying, "Texas followed you East". And that's just not right. I'm praying that it gets so cold here, that CJ and Aubrey will feel it from 1500 miles away.

More later? Don't hold your breath too long.

09 October 2007

looks like the blind is still bluffing the blind

(Scene -- Molly is outside playing, 4 other kids are in the living room watching a movie/playing TMNT, I am in the kitchen throwing food into pots to resemble "dinner"...)

Liam: (screaming with fervor)

Me: What's wrong w/ Liam? Did he get hurt? Check on him, please!

Warren: Carrie, why did you hurt Liam?

Carrie: No, I didn't do it! I promise! I'm good today!

Warren: Henry, why did you hurt Liam?

Henry: I didn't do it! I promise! I don't know what happened!

Warren: (to Henry) Well, Molly is outside, and Carrie says she didn't do it, and I can control myself, so that leaves you.

Me: (silently) Sadly enough, W's rationale actually makes sense.

04 October 2007

my own fine day

Happy Birthday to the best surprise ever! Can't believe we're looking back on an entire year (though the 90 degrees today certainly reminds us of the hot weather the day he was born), amazed at this little person that we got. A very busy guy, Liam definitely makes us think of Molly as a baby: a bit high-maintenance and demanding something all the time. He cannot function without his siblings around, is offended if anyone leaves a room which he occupies, and is trying to making yelling an Olympic sport (or is at least practicing like he believes it). At 11 months, he began walking and is now attempting to run, once again offended if the floor doesn't cooperate. I'm amazed at his will, stronger than my other kids at this age, and his undeterred spirit in the face of discipline. **sigh** He loves to hug though, and make a game of going back and forth between Mom and Dad to tease us, laughing hysterically. By the way, that last picture is not the "birthday cake" picture. That is the evidence of the "I-have-5-kids-and-don't-have-time-to-remember-what-they're-allowed-to-eat" syndrome. He's been eating chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and ice cream longer than I'm willing to admit here. I'm sure the cake tonight will not be as thrilling as it was to the other kids. So, to our little Virginia baby, may God bless us with many more years with you!