19 October 2006

I don't want this feeling to go away...

....the cooler fall air, that is! I'm one of those people who is in a better mood when its cold. I get more accomplished, I'm nicer and I just have more fun. We are loving the fall temps here in VA! And the leaves are starting to turn, which makes it even better. We went to a U-pick pumpkin farm last Saturday down in Bluemont and had such a blast! The kids loved the farmyard petting zoo, a willow maze, huge 60' slides, a pumpkin bounce, all-you-can-eat apples, and of course a hayride to the pumpkin fields to pick our own. CJ went with us and was very diligent to keep Liam protected from the frigid 65 degree air by constantly smothering him in blankets. Speaking of the little man, he is doing great. I can't believe he's 2 weeks old now! He's sleeping well every-other night (better than none, I guess) and is pretty content during the day. He made it through his circumcision with very little crying -- in fact, I may have cried more than he did :-) What a sweet blessing he is, and we're just loving watching him grow and change already.

We had to finally say good-bye to Mom this week, as she needed to return home to her life. It was so nice to have her here for my labor, as well as having time with Liam and the kids for a couple weeks. She also bought great stuff to decorate our kitchen, which looks amazing now! I love being here in VA, but when family comes to visit and leaves, its a reminder how hard it is to be so far away from our families. We're thankful for visits whenever anyone wants to trek east!

Dave's parents come in this weekend to meet Liam, so we're looking forward to their visit! We haven't seen them in over a year, and the kids are anxious for them to get here. Stephanie (Dave's sis) and her family will drive down from Philly for a day or two so that we can all have some Slaughter-clan time together. And my Dad was lucky enough to get a work trip to Ft. Meade, MD, so he'll get to come meet Liam next week, too! Liam will have so much loving! And looks like they'll all get to be here to help us celebrate Liam's baptism on 29 Oct! That will be so wonderful.

I'm sure I'll have more pics in the coming days of our growing brood. They're just all so photogenic!

13 October 2006

If a face could launch a thousand ships...

Here's our Liam at 8 days old. The little man is already putting on weight and looking older...I never remember how fast it goes. For the most part he sleeps well and rarely cries, except when too cold (must be related to CJ & Aubrey). Today we took him on his first outing, to the county office to file for his birth certificate. Unfortunately, because this part of the country isn't "home-birth friendly", we may have to jump through a few hoops to get him official (evidently breathing isn't the major sign of life anymore, but bureaucratic paperwork is). Despite all that, he's bonafide in our book, and we're having so much fun watching him grow and change a bit every day. Carrie likes to say, "I wanna kiss the boy, Mom", when its time for her to unleash her love on Liam. I'm pretty sure that he'll be running from her as soon as he's mobile.

06 October 2006

He that first made me still keeps me alive

Our newest treasure, William Halsey Slaughter (Liam) has arrived to meet us. I managed to go into labor on my due date, and Liam came just a few hours into the next day, at 2:24 am on Wednesday, 4 Oct. 2006. He's quite the little peanut, at only 7 lbs, 6 oz. and 20 in. Funny that #5 was my smallest baby, and its so nice to have such a tiny one to hold....I'm sure his "tiny"ness will vanish in no time.

My labor was blessedly short (as labors go) at only 4 hrs, and the delivery was very fast. I had the greatest support from my amazing husband -- I could never labor without him as my rock. Mom, who has been too 4 of my 5 births, was here also to help labor coach and love Liam upon arrival. And Annie and CJ were the aunts helping/baking/photographing throughout the birth. My midwife Liz was terrific and both she and her assistant helped make the birth so smooth and comfortable.

I'll add some pics of all the kids together soon -- they make quite a handsome group. We feel so blessed by a gracious God, and are enjoying our expanded family so much. Thanks to all who were praying and caring about us.

02 October 2006

well there ain't no point in moving on, til you've got somewhere to go....

Thought I'd post a quick update about....the fact that there's no update. Tomorrow is the "official" due date, but lots of us know that means nothing. I'm hoping for Thursday or Friday because that would work great with Dave's schedule (so of course that won't happen). Overall I'm feeling pretty good, baby is still very active and bothersome :-) The older kids are getting anxious, wondering where this baby is that we've hyped for so long now. Mom made it here on Saturday and CJ is still here, so we're ready whenever he/she is. I'm definitely starting to feel ready to get this over with, though it took me until 39 1/2 weeks to feel that way this time. I'm sure within a week or so there'll be news for everyone about who showed up, and pics of the new arrival. Dave and I are about to be so outnumbered.