26 December 2005

live, love, laugh and be happy

Here's our family on Christmas day. Just to be together was present enough, and to see the kids have so much fun. Its been tough to plan for the celebration while concentrating on moving, but we had a great few days with family and worshipping our Lord. During the festivities we have been mourning the distance that will separate the family in just a few days. How many Christmas days like this will we have in the future? But we look forward with much hope and anticipation to what life will be like in Virginia. A New Year will bring so much that's new. More updates from the East Coast...

14 December 2005

you're my water, you're my wine, you're my whiskey from time to time

Happy Birthday to David, the love of my life! Here are some lyrics that say it better than I ever could:

i don't need a clever confidant
to try to soothe with hollow words
i've heard them all
what i need is just to know
i have a home
within your heart

I love you babe.

13 December 2005

we're only two-bit clowns in a one-ring circus

These are my two beautiful girls, Molly Cathryn and Carrie Ellen. Carrie wore the "Warren bonnet", as do all Warren girls, that goes atop Mom and Dad's tree every Christmas. Aren't these princesses the most gorgeous you've ever seen?? Hard to believe that Molly is 7 and Carrie is 17 mos. These sisters love each other, and Molly is so excited that they'll finally be sharing a room when we move to Virginia.

04 December 2005

I feel it like a sickness, how this love is killing me

Family is good. Its great. We love, we laugh, we share. And sometimes we share too much. Most recently, we have been generously sharing two yucky bugs, available to anyone who asks (and even some who most definitely did NOT). Almost every member of our 25 person family got one or, in several cases, both of the bugs (some at the same time). It has leveled us for 2 weeks now and its horrible. I think we need to take the roof off the house, pour bleach in and wait for it to dry. Maybe that will kill the bugs. Poor Caleb (that's Big Caleb) was sick the whole drive from TX to VA and then some. Its bad enough for the fam to feel this crappy, but then we shared it with our might-as-well-be-a-sister Trish when she came to visit for the first (last?) time in 6 years. She had to have prescription meds and an IV to make her well. We're sorry Trish and we promise never to do it again.

Dave is still looking for a house for us in VA. He has less than 3 weeks to do so if we're going to move at Christmas, so we pray that God will lead him to the right place quickly. 19 days until we're together again.