18 February 2007

everything around her is a silver pool of light

Here are some current pics of our very own resident princess. Carrie spends most of her time loving (bothering) Liam, dancing, singing, and wearing pink. We're pretty sure she's related to Abby.

14 February 2007

I'd gladly stay a thousand years

baby, its cold outside!

We finally got a big snow, complete with a layer of ice on top. The older kids spent about 5 hrs outside today, playing on the huge mountains that the plows made in our neighborhood. They are still in awe of winter, having known only summer and "fall-ish" in San Antonio. Carrie didn't go out today. She likes the snow when its powdery and can be thrown on her brothers. So she stayed safely inside fighting with her best friend Erin most of the day, which is a favorite past time anyway. And Liam isn't ready for snow yet. He's still trying to figure out why he ever has to leave the house.

Its hard to tell since I didn't get enough background, but the kids are actually lying on the ground. Even though the snow was about 4-6 inches deep, the ice kept them on top of it the whole time.
Henry is our resident "Superstar!". I think Warren is pretty embarrassed by his brother most of the time.

Ok Jackie -- happy now???

12 February 2007

the manliness of his charm

I need to give appropriate props to my wonderful, gorgeous, thoughtful husband. Yesterday was 10 years since the day he asked me to marry him. Now, my Mom and Dad would say that Dave and I have been engaged for 10 years. As a kid, whenever they would expound on this assumption, I would feel the need to argue (surprised, right?) that this was not the case, and that I would NOT be engaged once I got married. So I can't bear to surrender my long-held antagonistic position that the marriage vows end the engagement, but I will say that I am very thankful that on 11 Feb 1997 Dave asked the smartest question of his life. Anyway, yesterday he remembered (I forgot!)and gave me (us) a new french press, since we had greatly missed having one after our last broke, and so I enjoyed coffee in its purest form. And coffee press or not, I'm the luckiest girl on earth to get to be Dave's wife.

01 February 2007

sometimes late, when things are real and people share the gift of gab between themselves

Ok, no more football posts (other than to say GO COLTS!!!). I know we are sickly rabid fans, and the fact that we regularly give thanks for a whole network now dedicated to the NFL is probably a troublesome sign, yet we are what we are. Anyway, life as of late....

Liam is huge. He's almost 4 months, holding toys, talking to everyone, sleeping well too. He still hates the swing, car seat, and bottles. We've figured out that he somehow came with an "entitlement" complex, that I'm sure must have come from his father. We're enjoying watching him grow and change, but it happens so fast!!!

The other "chads" (my Dad's language) are good. They've been a bit sad about the lack of snow so far this winter, but we might get some today, so we're holding our breath. But it is cold, and we'll have some HIGHS in the teens! We're definitely not in Kansas, er...Texas anymore. Looks like in the spring we'll have Molly and Warren in a homeschool soccer league and they are really looking forward to that (guess that makes me a "soccer Mom"??), but the fact that I have kids old enough to be in soccer makes me feel old. Hopefully Henry and Carrie will enjoy watching the practices and not make life too difficult for me...what are the chances?

Within 2 weeks, my brother Nathan was in a car accident that totalled his truck and also fell 10 feet through the ceiling at the warehouse where he works! We are all amazed that he wasn't seriously injured either time. The fall sent him to the ER for tests/scans but nothing broken, just soreness and concussion. Maybe Nate is part cat.

Dad will be here next week!! We should get to have dinner with him a couple times while he's in town. And CJ will be 20 next week -- wow! In 3 weeks, Liam and I will head to San Antonio to see the fam, and drive to Dallas with my old homeschool-moms group for a conference. I'm looking forward to that and the fact that the rest of the family, including my grandparents, can finally meet the little man.

I'll try to get recent pics up soon. Maybe some snow pics if the weatherman isn't a big fat liar.