27 December 2006

Joy to you and me

I think Liam was wondering what all the fuss was about on Christmas Day. For him, the weekend was a nightmare of long car trips, loud shouts of glee from brothers and sisters, and people trying to force him to love presents that he didn't care much about. But I'm sure he'll grow to love his new toys as he gets a bit bigger. Right now, he'll settle for an undisturbed nap.

these are a few of my favorite things

Molly was so excited to receive an authentic replica Shaun Alexander jersey from Grandma and Grandpa Slaughter! And now her parents are jealous!!
Grandma Slaughter made Superman capes for the 3 boys, and they are flyin' high!
The cousins all had fun together again when we exchanged gifts with the Finks last weekend. The grown-ups had fun too, but were exhausted afterwards :-)

21 December 2006

Given all I've heard, hang on every word...

The kids are so enjoying the nightly Advent reading these past weeks. Problems sometimes occur when they all want to sit on or closest to Daddy as he reads, so I run interference at times. Its been a wonderful evening routine (especially for Warren, who likes things the same ALL the time) and given us the chance to talk a lot about what Christ's birth means for us as His elect people. Thanks to Mom for sending us the Advent book!

Tonight we'll go to PA for 2 nights to see Rob, Steph and kids. We'll exchange gifts with them and let the cousins have fun playing together for a couple days. This year, we decided we'd really like to be home for Christmas day, enjoying it in our own home for the first time in 4 years! There is such a bittersweet feeling in all this for us....what a blessing to see how God has kept and preserved us through a long time of struggle, how He brought us to VA and our own home, good, steady work for Dave, and so many other provisions. And yet its hard to be away from our San Antonio family for the first time in years at Christmas, as well as missing the Warren family gathering at Grandma Lola and Pawpop's house and visiting Grandma June and the rest of the King family. We're missing them greatly, remembering all the fun Christmas memories we had there. But those memories are ours to keep forever. And we'll be missing Dave's parents too, this year, as they will be staying in WA for Christmas. The kiddos were sad to not see any grandparents this year, but I know that we'll all be celebrating together in a sense as we love and miss each other, and more importantly all have our hearts centered around a rough manger that led to a cruel cross that ultimately leads to our glorious future.

01 December 2006

you & many others in your clean well-lighted place

I know that I don't give thanks enough, for anything. I need to get better at that. My kids will learn that from me, so that's sobering. Our Thanksgiving celebration was very nice, busy, loud, and yummy. We had a great time in the Poconos with Steph, Rob and family. The kids all had so much fun playing together, raking leaves outside, going on a treasure hunt, and keeping the noise level in the house at a nice respectable roar. We feel so blessed to live near them and get to see them so much more than we did the past few years, watching each other's kids grow and letting the kids get to know each other. Dave and I are so very thankful for 2 wonderful, godly families who have been such good examples to us and continue to shape who we are. And I'm most thankful for a husband and 5 children who make my life worth living.