29 April 2009

like children, true love, and wine, the best things in life take time

Easter morning

two girls are better than one (in our case)

too much cuteness.

what happened here?? my goodness.

Yes, we do have boys. No, I did not take Easter pictures of them. Yes, I guess that makes me a bad Mommy. In my defense, they were probably wrestling, messing their hair up, and running around the house like wild dogs (only because this is usually the case). But seriously, girls are way cuter on Easter. Right?

01 April 2009

we're far too serious

Yes, still neglecting the blog. I'm consistently inconsistent, and you can take that to the BANK. Would you believe that I have not taken ONE picture since we moved to Texas? Not one. Not of the kids. Not of any kids. Not of our new house. Not of spring (but there's a good reason for that...spring doesn't exist). But I will. Probably. One major depressing thing is that right after we moved, we had to back up our hard drive to an external drive (is that even real computer-speak?), and now can't seem to get it to talk to us. This means all our pics that were on the computer are effectively gone. **sniff, sniff** And that is probably why I'm hesitant to take more pictures. The pictures won't commit to me for life, so I'd rather not get attached. As soon as I get over this (mostly) irrational fear, I'll try to get some shots of the kids up on here.

So lately...

*Molly made dinner, by herself, for the first time ever. It was scrumptious, and she did a great job. My plan here is to quickly work myself out of a job. Well, one anyway. Wonder of wonders, she hates diagramming sentences (which is as pointless as learning cursive) as much as I do. But FI.NAL.LY she is getting a grasp on her multiplication facts. whew.
* Warren lost his 2 front teeth, and sounds so funny w/ his temporary lisp. love it.
* Henry lost his first tooth. he was underwhelmed.
* Carrie now knows all her letters, their sounds, and a some blends. she is not, however, interested in school. this is fine with me. I am not interested in adding a new student yet. ever.
* Liam went pee in his new little potty. he was very excited, proud, and happy about the Skittles we gave him. that was 3 days ago, and he will not sit on the potty again. that is fine with me. I am not interested in potty training a new student yet. ever.
* Dave is awesome, though that is not a new happening, just thought it was worth mentioning.
* I am enjoying having a produce co-op again, and loving the raw milk co-op! I like to get my milk before the government gets their hands on it, but that's just me.

Better start Wednesday, now that it's halfway over.