24 April 2006

I'll find you in the morning sun

Here are the Slaughters on Easter morning. It was beautiful, and we had a lovely Resurrection service at church. CJ went with us, so that made it even more special. Beth accompanied the Weltys, and enjoyed the afternoon with their extended family. It was great to have the girls here and we miss them already.

We just returned from our weekend in PA, visiting the Finks. We had so much fun, and the kids loved playing with their cousins. Its nice to be closer to them now and we hope to see much more of them soon.

10 April 2006

8, 8, (I forgot what 8 was for)

It seems I forget a lot these days, including updating the blog. Pregnancy DOES shrink the brain, its been scientifically proven, so don't blame me for acting like an idiot half of the time. Anyway, here I am (or half of me). Things are good here at the Slaughterhouse. I'm feeling pretty good these days, despite some pesky insomnia. The baby is moving, and we've found a midwife, thankfully. We have found a church, and that is a big answer to prayer. We are attending Good News Pres. in Frederick, MD, and will begin the Inquirer's class soon to start the membership process. The people have been great and the kids love it, too. CJ and Bethany are coming to visit on Saturday, so we're looking forward to a week with them. The kids can't wait for Beth to do messy projects with them and make them messy snacks. The next weekend, we're heading to PA for my niece Victoria's 2nd birthday party. We'll spend a couple nights with Rob, Steph and kids -- we're all excited about that. Not too much else to report. I'll post pics when the girls get here. Peace out.