04 July 2006

all I wanna do is have some fun

Ok, so I'm finally getting pics up of our weekend in the Poconos. A couple weeks ago we went up there where Dave's sister and bro-in-law, Steph and Rob, have a lake house (known as "The Camp" in their family). We spend most of the weekend on the boat, and taking turns in the three-man tube. This picture was Molly, Henry and Robbie. Molly and Robbie spent the most time in the tube, being the oldest and most fearless cousins. Uncle Rob drives the boat pretty fast, so that tube goes flying. We also just had fun visiting, playing, fishing, and resting. The cousins love to be together and all get along so well. Life is going well for the Slaughters here in VA. My pregnancy is progressing well, though too quickly for my liking. I've begun the 3rd trimester already (!!!) and haven't done much in the way of "preparation" yet. I figure since my sister CJ is coming soon and staying, she'll get my rear in gear, like she always does. The kids are enjoying spending a lot of time outside and at the community pool. Work is busy for Dave as always, and we pray it stays that way! We'll be joining our new church on Sunday, so that's a milestone of "settling in" for us. And we're in the middle of "birthday zone" right now. Warren's was last week (5 already! pics soon), Molly's on Sunday (8), Carrie's the next Sunday (2). I think we'll be broke by then. I'll post more summer news and pics later.

slow down, you're moving too fast

This is the view of the tube from the boat while speeding along. That's Dave and a few kids. The ride is a bit scary and bumpy, but tons of fun. Everyone enjoyed it....well, some were forced to enjoy it, but that's all part of childhood, right?

its always more fun to share with everyone

Here's Dave supervising all the cousins. Anyone else scared?? L to R: Victoria, Carrie, Robbie, Molly, Olivia, Henry, Warren.

balancing the whole thing

Dave helping Carrie roast her dog, with stylish Olivia joining in.

life, I love you, all is groovy

Here are the boys right after our hot dog roast. We let the kids roast their own, which was probably not the best choice for that age group. But they enjoyed eating them anyway.