31 May 2006

I'll come running

and you know wherever I am

You just call out my name

Wow! So much fun was had this past weekend in the Windy City with my three best friends. We stayed up too late, ate too much food, walked way too much (for my pregnant body, at least) and just enjoyed being together again. It was such a treat, and we're gonna have to do that more often. Its hard to believe its been 10 years since we were all at Moody together, but time passed hasn't changed our wonderful friendship, and I am so grateful to these three for being such an important part of my life all these years. From left to right: me, Jackie (due with her 5th as well!), Amy, Janelle. Thanks Posse, for all the love.

to see you again

23 May 2006

there's no combination of words I can put on the back of a postcard

In two days I leave for Chicago, for a much belated, much anticipated weekend with my three best girlfriends from college. We were inseparable in school, and unlike many have managed to stay in touch, see each other now and then and FINALLY plan a reunion back in our old stomping grounds. I am so excited! I love these girls so much and miss them all dearly. I'm looking forward to lots of fun, eating lots of food at our favorite Chicago restaurants, and not even having to cut anyone's food in little pieces :-) I'll post pics when I get back.