24 January 2006

Don't stop believin' (hold on to that feelin')

Ok I know I've been bugged to add kid pics, which I haven't done in a while, and I promise to do that. mission today is to let everyone know...

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the SuperBowl!!!!
Wow. The Seahawks have never been to the SuperBowl, hadn't even had a post-season win in 21 years until they routed the Skins a couple weeks ago. Their day has come. Hasselbeck has been so versatile and on his toes....Alexander just reminds us all why he's NFL MVP...and that Hawk defense has been impenetrable. What a year, what fun. Dave is still in shock that he gets to watch his team try to take the NFL crown. The fun twist here is that of all years, after we move East, the Seahawks face the Steelers (bro-in-law Dirk's beloved) for the big win. So, the family angst should proliferate, as will the heated rhetoric I imagine (though all in tribal love). If you love football (or want to pretend that you do) watch the Bowl on the 5th and root for the Hawks (and don't tell me if you didn't).

10 January 2006

I'm looking forward to looking back on this day

The long trip is over, and the Slaughters are safely in Virginia. The trip was long and not very fun, but its over. For pics from the road, click on the "Family Grandstand" link at left, where CJ has already posted on the greater family blog. God is faithful as always, and has led us here by His grace. Our home is in Lovettsville, a tiny town in far northern VA. We are in a townhouse, 3 doors down from my sister Annie. We're hoping that Carrie and Erin (Annie's baby) will grow up to be great friends, since we'll force them to be together often :-) Dave's work continues to be busy, which is good. We have only been here 11 days, so we have a ways to go before it feels like home. But we're slowly settling in, unpacking, trying to remember what its like to live on our own again. It was fun to see my dishes again! Hopefully settling in will soon mean finding a church and friends for all of us. We were sad to send CJ back home today. Carrie thinks that CJ is her mother, so she'll be the saddest of all once she realizes that CJ is gone. She was such a help and plus I really like her. Thanks to everyone who was praying for our safe trip. Here's a picture of us before we walked in the house for the first time. I'll post more pics soon.