05 August 2009

waiting for the world to turn

So Liam will be 3 in 2 months. Aside from the fact that that detail is impossible, that also means my procrastination in potty-training must come to an end. I'm not hyper about early training, in fact I waited until Henry was 3 1/2 before even starting, and it went beautifully/quickly. But with Liam having a fall birthday, I didn't want training to linger into the holidays. I also don't like to put a training kid into pants (or even underpants), to avoid excess laundry and the problems of them not being able to pull pants up/down alone, so it helps to train during warm months. problem there. Today its 103. Sufficiently hot for nudity. Anyhoo...I'm giving it a whirl. If we do not have quick success, with signs that he is self-motivated, we'll pack it up and wait until spring. He's not my easiest kid, definitely a hard-headed little peanut, so I'm crossing all my fingers and toes.