31 May 2008

all I want is to feel this way

As you can see, we decided to get some updated SlaughterHouse pictures and here are the results. I love outdoors family shots! A big shout-out to our friend Josh Taylor who was behind the lens -- thank you Josh (and to his folks, who donated their woods to be our beautiful backdrop)! A couple of our children are unsure about the meaning of the word "smile" and so I think I will stop saying that during pictures and just instruct them to not leave. That seems much simpler.

18 May 2008

girl, I'm gonna miss you

Beth took almost naked pictures of baby Judah

tried to turn Warren into Gene Simmons

took the kids on a picnic/hike with friends to our favorite park

conspired with Annie to pluck my eyebrows for the first time

and we're going to miss her so much!!! Thanks Beth for coming to visit, and we'll never forget that you (unlike another unnamed, yet younger sister) faithfully come keep us fussy VA sisters happy! We love you much!

03 May 2008

why are you messing with me?

Warren loves to draw. Liam loves to bother him. More specifically, Liam loves to bother everyone, and Warren is just an easy target since he is usually sitting still. But despite the regular intrusions into his creative "personal space", Warren loves his baby brother and is amazingly patient with him....until his artwork is defaced by a wielded marker or crayon (a common occurrence in the SlaughterHouse).