22 March 2008

but can you blame me? I was only a kid.

The other day we were spending some time with our new friends, the Taylors, and those are days that the SlaughterHouse kids (and their mother) love. We were there for dinner and then a late evening of playing, came home, and the kids went straight to bed. In the morning, as the kids were coming down for breakfast, I noticed that Carrie had some stuff in her hands that she was trying to surreptitiously take to the table with her. I asked, "Whatcha got there, Sunshine?", to which she replied, "Oh, nothing...just some stuff I took from Caleb and Anna's house". Ok. What?? I told her to bring me her loot, and she lays out a crayon, purple ear plug (chewed by Liam already), blue marble, and a AA battery. Very nice. "So Carrie, why did you steal this stuff?" I figure she'll have a really good reason, and then I hear, "I was playing with it and decided to take it home". Oh good, I feel better now. We had a talk about stealing, and that if she does that again, she'll be pretty sorry. But I'm wondering if this is in the gene pool, seeing as how I have a couple nephews that had to have regular pocket checks and pat-downs every time they left someone's house. That's better to assume, because then I'm not to blame, right?

19 March 2008

believe it or not, its just me

My lack of recent posts is once again attributable only to my inability (unlike other mothers-of-many that I know) to order my life and make sense of the constant chaos. When will I figure out how to balance all this stuff? And if the answer on the tip of your tongue is "never", please feel free to lie and say something more encouraging. Just a couple amusing things the kids have been saying:

Molly (who as you probably saw recently) has been drawing quite rabidly and it takes up a good portion of her time. After a spell of only horses, she is trying to branch out into other areas. One interest that has frustrated her is drawing faces/people, and so she's finally attempting to tackle it. Her Granny sent a book about drawing faces, which is a huge help, but is still requiring lots of effort on her part. So, the other day, after drawing a picture that was supposed to be Carrie, she quit in frustration, huffing and stomping (I'm sure your kids never do that), saying she was "terrible" and would never try again. We had a little talk about patience, practice, and the like. Her face brightens after a bit, she shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well Mom, I guess when I'm learning new ways to draw, I have to remember that after all, Rome wasn't built in a day". Nice.

In other funnies...

The kids have been obsessed with how many more days there are until Dave and I will again eat sugar (which we gave up for Lent), and keep reminding me that Easter is just around the corner. Henry decided just a couple days ago that he wanted to be on the "no sugar diet" (as he calls it), and told us that since Easter was only a few days away, he could handle it. We laughed. So this morning the kids got up for breakfast, freaking out because they saw boxes of cereal (a rarity in our house), and were trying hard to choose which they would eat. Henry spent some time looking, frowning a lot, and finally asked me, "Mom, tell me which ones don't have sugar!", to which I replied, "Don't worry, have whichever one you want". He insisted, "But I told Dad I wouldn't eat sugar, and I'm going to do it". So I pointed out the "healthy" cereals (ignoring trace sugars), like plain Cheerios, Shredded Wheat (not frosted) and Raisin Bran. He chose Raisin Bran, but as I was pouring it I noticed that this brand had sugar all over the raisins (how dumb is that?) and I told him, asking if he still wanted it. He thought a bit and said, "I don't think Dad will be mad if I'm on the 'little bit of sugar' diet". I agreed.

05 March 2008

go ahead with your own life, leave me alone

Poor Liam quite often bears the consequences of having two older sisters. I'm sure he'll appreciate them a lot more when he's older....or something.

01 March 2008

this ain't no dress rehearsal, I'm a very lucky girl

I felt like posting because Dave just made me a latte. And I love him. And I love his lattes. And for the record, when you go to Starbucks for a latte, you're getting rubbish compared to what Dave makes. Feel better?