28 July 2010

I'm older now and still running against the wind

Top 10 reasons why Kristen is a bad blogger:

#10 "I'm just technologically impaired" (thanks, Weird Al, for the idea)

#9 Dave got a new job, moved to Fort Worth, we moved out of our house, into my parents' house, are living out of suitcases, and Shelley keeps making oatmeal raisin cookies to keep me full which makes me sleepy and then I forget I have a blog.

#8 Fussing about missing Dave takes up a large part of my day.

#7 Henry is in charge of reminding me.

#6 I feel the need to take large breaks to find out who my true bloggity friends are.

#5 My computer died. (last week, but DID die)

#4 My friends' blogs are all way cooler and there is no way I can keep up.

#3 I'm busy reading an awesome book about beer.

#2 So you'll have something to nag me about.

and the best reason of all.......

#1 I was predestined to be that way, so, what are ya gonna do?

I have no pictures of my growing-way-too-fast kids because my computer is on life support. Would you just believe me if I tell you they are cute? We are incredibly thankful that Dave has a job! He was hired by Farmers Insurance Group in Plano, and is now finished with his training. He is a property claims adjuster, and really likes his job. Right now he is camping out with my grandparents in Fort Worth, while the kids and I camp out at the Warren homestead. Later this summer we hope to be moving, and are praying that God leads us to the right house, church, friends, etc at just the right time. It will be nice to be closer to our FW family, though we are sad to be leaving our SA family behind (again! sheesh....common theme). And my sister CJ is getting married in October, so we're busy planning that and looking forward to welcoming another bro-in-law to the crowd. They'll live in Shawnee, OK, so we'll actually be much closer to them once we're moved north. Sister Annie just had her 3rd kiddo, Savannah Joy, and I'm sad they are so far away and I can't hold my new niece!! Can't wait to see them this fall!

I'm out of news, so, next up....Christmas!

5 "atta girl"s:

Janelle said...

My favorite reasons are 3 and 7. You forgot another reason though: that your last blog post was about an event SO awesome that really nothing has been blogworthy since. ;)

Stephanie Breuner said...

I ditto a lot of your reasons for not blogging myself, but also have to include giving birth to my list. Glad that's not on your list? Oh- and also laziness would be on mine!

Joanna said... I get props for being a true bloggity friend since I actually check your blog about once a month? Okay, so I'm over a week late is seeing your new post. Congratulations on getting a new one up.

jenjon_baker said...

Hey...I haven't posted (or visited anyone else) since December!! I love your reasons. Quite valid, I might add! I hope to see you soon!

Melissa said...

i disagree with number 4. i haven't blogged in over a year now, how is that cooler??