17 October 2009

one step at a ti-i-ime!

I really had planned to blog this sooner, but once again, if I keep your expectations low, it works to my advantage. In my reality, 2 weeks late really isn't late at all! Earlier this month, our kiddos joined in a production of Psalty's Camping Adventure, with all the kids from our church (I think there were 36 performers). My sister CJ was the director, and some of my other siblings, along with friends, were involved somehow in putting on this fabulous musical. For about 7 months they worked, memorized lines, learned songs and dance moves, built sets (Dave was resident set builder), and made costumes, culminating in a show that was fun and creative. A couple of my children actually cried when it was over because they were so sad. Dave's parents got to visit and see the performance, and they kids had a total audience of over 150! Here are a few shots:

That's Molly in the middle. She was a total ham (I'm sure that comes from Dave).

Henry was hysterical to watch, totally into his character! Warren was Farley McFirefly, and did great!

Carrie is a drama queen. Again, the Slaughter side....

The whole crew!

Oh, and if you're wondering where Liam is, and if he was in the musical.....

I ask you, would you let this character in your play? I rest my case.

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The Fox Den said...

What a great time! Hope to see one of those someday.