19 November 2006

life gets pretty heavy and I wish it was light

Last night Liam went to sleep at about 10 p.m., and didn't wake up until 5 a.m. So today I feel a bit more human. We've had some rough nights, no pattern yet to his sleeping/nursing "schedule". By 6 weeks my others were a bit more predictable and the sleep deprivation cured. Not so this time around, and so as a result I'm thoroughly unproductive, highly irritable, and somewhat fatalistic about our chance of routine. I am definitely at the place where I'm positive that I can't raise 5 children who won't end up in prison. Or hating me. Or both.

I think I'm also just grumpy because CJ left.

Our Montana finally went to Pontiac hell, and left us with paying off a van that must be towed to the junkyard. God graciously provided us with a vehicle through the family of friends (thanks Janelle & Craig!) and so we're mobile again. The "new" van, though 6 yrs old, runs great and is such a blessing, as it was much more affordable than we had hoped for!

For Thanksgiving, we've been invited to "The Camp", Rob & Steph's lake house in the Poconos, to celebrate with Rob's family. It'll be nice and crowded, with 7 adults and 13 kids. We'll get up really early Thursday morning and drive up in time for dinner, and probably leave Sat. morning (duh, have to be home to watch the ND/USC game). After so many years in SA its hard to think about Thanksgiving away from the Warren homestead. Molly is having a hard time with the first holiday away, and we'll all be missing them while we're thanking God for them.

05 November 2006

what a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy

It seems impossible to us, but Liam is a month old already! He's getting bigger all the time and beginning to want interaction. I got my first smile from him a couple days ago and we anticipate many more in the coming days. He's not my best sleeper and still is up quite a few times each night, keeping me a bit more sleep deprived than I'm used to by this point. But he's a sweet little guy and is mostly content during the day. Molly looooves to hold him and Liam is starting to like her too. I think that the newborn phase flies away more quickly with each child, leaving me feeling breathless as I try to savor each day of his "tiny-ness". Why do these babies want to get big? I don't think they realize that their cuteness level can only drop the older they get.

01 November 2006

Great Father of mercies, Thy goodness I own

Last Sunday we celebrated the blessing of Liam's baptism! And we rejoice that Liam now bears the sign of the covenant of His grace. It was wonderful to have so much of our family there to witness the event with us. Mom & Dad Slaughter, Stephanie & Rob Fink along with Robbie, Olivia and Victoria, Dad Warren, Aubrey (who surprised us by flying in!), Annie, Caleb & Erin Welty, and CJ were all there with us. Also our friends John & Jennifer Alexander with Katelynn, Grace & Noah came to show their love and support.

All praise to the Spirit, whose whisper divine
Seals mercy and pardon and righteousness mine!