23 August 2006

we may be different but our hearts don't lie

The family has come and gone. All that anticipation for months, and all the fun, and now its so quiet. But we are so glad to have had a great 2 weeks with the Russells and Warrens here. There were a lot of children, a lot of noise, tons of food, and not much sleep. Who knows when we'll get to do that again, so we'll live on memories and pictures. Speaking of which, you'll have to check out the other family blogs to see pics. Evidently we forgot to take any, which I'll blame on my very-pregnant brain. There were some great ones, check out some of the family links at left. Anyway, I have a great family, and I miss them so much. Don't you wish your family was as great as mine? I know, I know. We can't all be so lucky.

every day, its a-gettin' closer

So, six weeks until our new little person shows up. I can't believe the time has flown this quickly. Until this one, pregnancy has always seemed to drag on forever. I feel like we just found out, freaked out, calmed down, and here we are. Of course in true second-born fashion, I've done absolutely nothing to prepare for the home birth. CJ is here though, so that should help balance out my procrastination with some "type-A"ness. I'm also trying to get ready for starting the school year. For the first time, I'll be schooling 2, while soon juggling 3 little saboteurs (Henry alone is a full-time job). We would have started this week, but princess Carrie picked up chicken pox somewhere and so that may delay us by a week. We'll get there eventually, just can't promise Molly will make it to college on this crazy schedule.

Well, its my birthday too, yeah!!!

Ok, finally birthday pictures! Blogger hasn't been working for us, so that's why I'm just now posting these. We still have Henry's party in a couple weeks, but here are the other three kids, looking too grown up for their own good. They all had fun and got cool stuff.